Creative Arts Experiences for children & their community

Welcome to Creative Explorers!

Work with artist, early years teacher and creative consultant who will develop a personalised, playful, engaging program to suit your community needs.

Our Program

Our program is tailored to your environment. We work with you to support your children and staff to learn through creative exploration in playful and engaging ways. We collaborate with your community goals, philosophies, developmental, social and emotional needs, through creative and contemporary approaches. Our facilitated sessions aim to deepen and broaden children's experiences and curiosity while nurturing creativity, confidence, well-being, problem solving skills, collaboration and imagination through a broad range of experiences including...


Visual Arts

At Creative Explorers the children have the opportunity to explore visual art materials and techniques in the context of unique project work and relevant themes. Through exploring culture and connecting to their community children will learn more about themselves, build confidence and fine motor skills as they become more familiar with different artists, illustrators and authors and ways to capture and or share their own stories, experiences and ideas using visual art techniques such as drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, collage and printing.  

Dramatic Play, Storytelling & Performing

Through enrolling in imaginative and dramatic play children collaborate and begin to explore some simple concepts of performance. In these sessions children engage with the different roles of the theatre, storytelling ideas and puppetry. They have the opportunity to develop their confidence and imagination as they explore various roles such from storyteller/narrator, performer, audience, and front of house host in fun and collaborative ways. 


Nature, Movement & Well-being

Art and creativity can come in many forms some of which only last in the moment or in the experience of the participant. Through these sessions children work in the indoor and outdoor spaces to explore their body and mind, how they can move and play in creative ways and they can connect with the natural environments around them as they use natural materials in playful and resourceful ways.  These sessions help to explore ways to regulate emotions, communicate with others and embrace a greater sense of well-being through connecting with the body.

Investigating & Exploring 

Working creatively is a wonderful way for children and their grown ups to investigate, explore and research their interests as they extend on their existing knowledge and ideas. This is an important part of the Creative Explorers experience and helps to provide children with opportunities to discover their interests, build on their knowledge and deepen their connections.