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Creative Experiences for children & their community

Welcome to Creative Explorers!

Work with our artist, early years teacher and creative consultant who will develop a personalised, playful, engaging program to suit your community needs.

Our Program

Our program is tailored to your environment. We work with you to support your children and staff to learn through creative exploration in playful and engaging ways. We collaborate with community goals, philosophies, developmental, social and emotional needs, through creative and contemporary approaches. Our facilitated sessions aim to deepen and broaden children's experiences and curiosity while nurturing creativity, confidence, well-being, problem solving skills, collaboration and imagination. We are able to facilitate one off workshops, short term five to ten week projects or weekly ongoing session as part of your service. We can provide a combination of creative arts experiences as outlined in more detail below. 


Visual Arts

The children have the opportunity to experience various visual art materials and techniques while investigating topics and ideas of interest. Children grow confidence, connections and build new skills while also exploring artists, illustrators and authors and the ways they can capture and or share their own stories, experiences and ideas using visual art techniques such as drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, collage, printing and more.

Dramatic Play, Storytelling & Performing

Through enrolling in imaginative and dramatic play children explore creative ways to express themselves through theatre games, imaginative play, immersive story building/ telling, puppetry, performing, singing and movement. These sessions support children to grow their confidence, imagination, social and emotional skills in supportive, fun and collaborative ways. 

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Nature, Movement & Well-being

Connecting with nature is a wonderful way to inspire creativity and enhance greater well-being in our bodies and minds. Through these sessions children are encouraged and supported to respond to their natural environments  while connecting with their senses and each other in playful and creative ways.  These sessions help to explore ways to connect with nature to help regulate emotions, open our senses, move our bodies in different ways, observe different patterns colours and textures all while embracing a greater sense of well-being. 

Investigating & Exploring 

Working creatively is a wonderful way for children and their grown ups to investigate, explore and research their interests as they extend on their existing knowledge and ideas. This is an important part of the Creative Explorers experience and helps to provide children with opportunities to discover their interests, build on their knowledge and deepen their connections. 

Children's Week exhibition

Special Projects & Community Events

We love to facilitate projects and creative community outcomes with your children, staff and families. This could be anything from playful interactive installations, poster designs created by the children for your special events, children as project consultants, art exhibitions, picture book projects with children's illustrations, Children's week display with children's artworks, Harmony Week community art project. The possibilities are endless. These projects or occasions can be embedded, developed and delivered as part of an ongoing program or as a part of a shorter one off project.   

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